Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween Parker could not decide what he wanted to be for Halloween! He finally decided on being a "sportsman" he wore his basketball jersey, baseball pants, black under his eyes for football, baseball gloves...... so the only thing he needed was new soccer cleats! I laughed at his last suggestion- mainly cause he doesn't play soccer and he has baseball cleats he could wear... but decided to go ahead and buy them to encourage his new love of soccer... ya never know, maybe he will decide to play! He was pretty happy with his idea and had a great time at the school parade, trunk or treating and his first coed Halloween party!!

We carved pumpkins together at the parents house on Sunday... its two years in a row and its a fun little tradition! Parker carved a big simple face... I used the drill on a smaller pumpkin... and I loved the way they both turned out!

 Parker's friend Sage and his brothers Skylar and Stockton Seat have a awesome Haunted House in their backyard! They recruited Parker to work in the Clown section with Sage. I went last night and seriously was scared.. they did a great job!!

The boy is growing up... first year without him on Halloween. He went over to the Seats' around 5:30pm.. they did a hour of trick or treating and then worked at the haunted house until 9:00pm. It was weird just being at home.. first year in 10 years.. it made me realize I need to get a hobby.... life is soon going to be lonely without my manchild keeping me company!!

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