Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween Parker could not decide what he wanted to be for Halloween! He finally decided on being a "sportsman" he wore his basketball jersey, baseball pants, black under his eyes for football, baseball gloves...... so the only thing he needed was new soccer cleats! I laughed at his last suggestion- mainly cause he doesn't play soccer and he has baseball cleats he could wear... but decided to go ahead and buy them to encourage his new love of soccer... ya never know, maybe he will decide to play! He was pretty happy with his idea and had a great time at the school parade, trunk or treating and his first coed Halloween party!!

We carved pumpkins together at the parents house on Sunday... its two years in a row and its a fun little tradition! Parker carved a big simple face... I used the drill on a smaller pumpkin... and I loved the way they both turned out!

 Parker's friend Sage and his brothers Skylar and Stockton Seat have a awesome Haunted House in their backyard! They recruited Parker to work in the Clown section with Sage. I went last night and seriously was scared.. they did a great job!!

The boy is growing up... first year without him on Halloween. He went over to the Seats' around 5:30pm.. they did a hour of trick or treating and then worked at the haunted house until 9:00pm. It was weird just being at home.. first year in 10 years.. it made me realize I need to get a hobby.... life is soon going to be lonely without my manchild keeping me company!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hot Chocolate...

Tis the season for HOT CHOCOLATE! My work let us know we wont be recieving a Christmas bonus, raises and we will have to start paying for our insurance.. my heart skipped a beat when I heard the news.. so I emailed my friend Stacie, who owns a little business of making earrings etc. that if she ever needed some help, I was her girl! She answered my prayers and I have been busy helping her get ready for a busy November/Holiday season of making earrings! Parker likes his hot chocolate 1/2 whip cream and 1/2 hot chocolate... he is a funny kid! Love the cold weather while sipping on a hot drink!!

Crazy hair and Parent Teacher Conference

Today was crazy hair day at school... I told Parker his hair was crazy enough just for the simple fact that he needs a hair cut!  He wanted to spray paint it green but I picked up some blue paint as well... he wanted it just to be half and half. I love him. His little pucker face.. he HATES pictures.. so this is as good as it gets! I hope he has a fabulous day at school.. and continues to be a good student!
Parent Teacher conference was last week... Parker has always done exceptional in school. He loves going and loves learning new things! They had to draw a picture of their parents. Parker did a great job... He said really nice things about me as a mom. He said good things about his Dad too.. he wrote he "knows his Dad loves him even though he doesn't see him" which was a heart breaker. He has made the best out of what he has been given.. and doesn't seem to skip a beat! I am beyond lucky to have him in my life.. he has changed me FOREVER!!

Dad works... Mom takes a break

Last Saturday, while me and my mom, sister and niece went to lunch and shopping.. My Dad stayed home and changed my oil and rotated my tires! He really is so good to me and I am so thankful that he knows how to do everything... he is a man of many hats! He never complains about it and always does it willingly.. I hope Parker learns a lot from him and can be the kind of Dad/husband/son/brother that my Dad has always been.. he really is amazing.
While Dad works hard.... Mom takes a Smoke break! Just kidding.... on our lunch adventure to Rainbow Gardens they sell the old candy that we remember from when we were kids. My sister was ashamed of us pretty much that me and Mom smoked all the way home from lunch.... this is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mom. She can laugh about the old fun times and knows how to joke around! She even posed for the picture! Crazy to think that we used to buy these candy cigarettes to pretend to smoke... crazy to think we still think it's funny! I love my mom and her sense of humor and for the unconditional love she has for me!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mix n' Match Day.. say NO to Drugs ;)

Drug Free week at School! Today was Mix n' Match Day! Parker dressed himself (he hates pictures..can your tell) He chose a Pink with Blue stripped shirt, red shorts.. one long sock with a high top shoe.. one short sock with his running shoes. His shirt collar was all twisted and he added a purple jacket! He said no one really put in any effort so he kinda stuck out! Ha. He said running laps that day for gym was interesting with 2 different shoes on! I love him. He is the BEST! Thankful he has courage to put his self out there and not care if he looks like a freak.... although he did call his Granny to come pick him up from the bus so he didn't have to walk past the Jr. High kids! haha.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wendy the Salsa Queen

 My sister Wendy is a angel.. she really would do anything for anyone with a positive,kind attitude. I would totally do anything for anyone too... but I would bitch about it before and usually after.. cause that's just who I am! haha. My brother LOVES her salsa.. my Dad has turned his garden into a salsa garden.. he plants it and she makes it! The other day she took off work to make a batch for my brother Kelly's birthday so I took a long lunch and went over to... watch her. I could have helped... but umm the onions were KILLING my eyes.. and well, let's be honest.. I would have been more in the way then anything! Their little dog Bugs had some puppies... sadly some didn't make it and only one survived.. he is adorable! We decided to take this picture and send it to Kelly... his response was "don't F with my salsa" haha. He is a germ freak.. so I am sure he wasn't down with the thoughts of little puppy germs over the salsa.. but I told him it would cook out :) I love Wendy and her sweet, caring soul.. I admire her and wish I was more patient and soft spoken but she brings the balance to our family! I wish she lived closer.. I know Kaysville isn't far away.. but it is when you both work 30 minutes from home.. the last thing you want to do is drive on the weekend or more at night.. so she just needs to move back to North Ogden so we can hang out every night! I love her and am thankful for her example. Parker was struggling with self esteem.. he has been for a while.. she took the time out of her busy day and wrote him the kindest letter. He has read the letter more then once and lights up when he reads it.. she will always be special to Parker and the bond they have will always be close. I am thankful for all that she does for us.. she really is amazing.

Fall is HERE!

This weekend I finally put away the Summer porch decor.. it brought a little tear to my eye because although I LOVE FALL... I don't love Winter as much and it's coming sooner then I want! My little front porch is my only curb appeal I can do to my town home so I always try to have a few things out to make it more welcoming.. I sure do miss the old white farm house and the big porch that I use to decorate every season.. but my porch will have to be fine... for now. I can't wait for pumpkin pies and to see what Parker decides to be for Halloween.. only a few more years left and he won't care anymore.. in fact I don't think he cares now.. oh man he is GROWING UP and I don't like it!!